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Top 3 horror maps of fortnite scary map codes that were made in fortnite Creative 2.0 so as you guys know fortnite creative 2.0 gives us so many opportunities to make really cool new maps and a lot of people made really amazing horror maps and in this article I’m going to be Giving you guys the top three get start.


1. Scary Doll

fortnite scary map codes

Map Code – 7595-1913-2803


So after you guys tap into map code this map is going to appear on your screen it’s called scary doll and to be honest it’s amazingly scary so play this at your own risk the other maps are not as scary as this one but this one is to be honest like so scary I’m gonna put some footage on the screen for you guys to see what this map actually looks like I played it myself if you guys are going to play this alone just be ready to be frightened.


Because this map is a lot like super scary you’re in like a place and you’re locked up in there and you’re trying to escape it in this place there’s like a huge scary doll that keeps going around and you’re kind of like running away from him and sometimes he chase you and there’s like some little jump scares that you might be scared like if you don’t like jump scares you might be scared from this map I was like scared I was playing this alone and this guy was chasing me out out there and it was pretty scary.


To be honest so if you guys don’t want to get scared so much you might skip this map right here but if you like scary stuff this map might be what you’re looking for because to be honest this map used everything creative 2.0 offers and it’s really amazing like the animations and stuff like that the atmosphere it’s pretty amazing for an example the place is actually looking amazing but it’s also super scary at the same time like it’s really up to you guys you choose if you want to play this map you want to get scared play it if you don’t want to get scared so much just don’t play now let’s move on to map.


2. The Space Inside

Map Code – 9836-7381-5978


So after you guys type in that map code this map is going to appear on your screen it’s called the space inside this map is actually pretty well known because it was like one of the first maps that were that was made with creative 2.0 it looks pretty futuristic when you take a look at these like images and videos but it’s actually really mysterious and creepy at the same time if you played you can understand what I mean because I’m going to put some footage on the screen for you guys to see what this map actually looks like.


So it is kind of scary to be honest not so scary it’s kind of like mysterious not exactly scary it’s kind of creepy and mysterious you feel like someone is watching you the whole time and you know it’s not exactly scary there’s no jump scares or anything like that but it feels like you are being watched 24/7 that’s why it’s kind of like creepy and mysterious just like I said but it’s not uh exactly as like a horror it’s more like a you feel it’s coming you feel something watching you that’s why it’s kind of mysterious and scary and also this uses just like I said everything.


Creative 2.0 offers so the graphics and like the atmosphere field looks amazing to be honest like everything around you looks pretty realistic and that’s also one of the reasons you feel pretty mysterious because the place is really realistic it looks like real life you know creative 2.0 brought all these new graphics and like lightning and stuff so it looks really real and I feel like you’re actually in like a movie or something so you might want to give this map a try because I definitely liked it so much like the atmosphere is enough for this map to be liked it’s an amazing map and I definitely suggest you guys to play it go play it right now horror like scary map this is more like a mysterious map but this was basically the 2nd map to space inside a really amazing map you just like explore this area you’re in I don’t exactly know what type of area this is you just like explore this weird like mysterious place it’s pretty cool to be honest I like it I just played in myself I finished the map and it’s pretty cool but it’s not exactly we’re looking for if you’re looking for something that’s really scary this is like mysterious and kind of creepy now let’s move on it’s a map number three.


3.Five Nights at Freddy’s

Map Code – 5905-2468-3692


After you guys type in that map code this map is going to appear on your screen and as you guys can see this map is a Five Nights at Freddy’s map so this was really hard to find but I could finally find a Five Nights at Freddy’s map and to be honest this one is pretty cool there’s one issue you and that issue is this map is not in English but you guys can understand like what it actually tells if you you know if you know the Five Nights at Freddy’s.


To be honest it was pretty Fortnite Scary Map Codes like when I played the first game I literally jumped out of my chair because of the jump scares but this map doesn’t have anything like that it doesn’t involve any jump scares or stuff like that you can explore at a pizza place and he can like be I think both a guard or the other creatures I don’t know their name but like you can be them as well if you play this multiplayer I don’t know what happens when you play this alone I tried a little I tried a single player but you know I just explored the place a little bit I went to the guards room I went to like the places like everywhere.


In this place I really went to all the rooms and stuff like that and I kind of explored the map but I guess you need to play with play this with other people so if you put this in public it’s going to be a lot fun a lot more fun I guess because you know there’s gonna be two teams in one team is going to be the garden guards and the other theme is going to be the creatures I guess I don’t exactly know but it’s pretty scary you know it’s pretty scary to be honest I if you play this with your friends it’s not so scary alone but if you play this with your friends it might be a little scary because since your friends are going to be you know your enemy or you are going to be their enemy so I don’t know even though I played this alone it was pretty fun to be honest.





Here are the top 3 Fortnite Scary Map Codes which is i am providing you through my experiences if you want to play just enter map code and play enjoy warning these game are based on our experts experience please you can play own and rate the article.

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