Why You Need A PS Vita In 2023

2023 has been an interesting year for gaming in general and the prices of various console gains has been growing with some dipping down. Now sadly the PS Vita was not one of those consoles that dropped in price and I doubt it ever will and that’s why I wanted to Write this Article on why you needed PS Vita in 2023.

What is PS Vita ?

Now for those that don’t know much about the PS Vita the system launched on December 11 2012 and it never saw much success in North America what this means is that a lot of main stream developers didn’t put much time into creating games.

But luckily certain Publishers saw potential and started releasing PS Vita games primarily made by Indie developers the most popular Publishers that did this were limited run games in East Asia soft both of these companies released hundreds of physical games with many including custom box designs artwork and sound tracks.


best ps vita games
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Why You Need To Buy Right Now?

Lot of people were quick to begin buying up these limited releases as the Publishers often only released around a 1000 to 1500 copies of a game physically which means a lot of games on the PS Vita are limited edition making them quite desirable and this is one of the main reasons why I think right now is a great time to start buying PS Vita games.

Games is only going to rise there are a lot of games only released on the PS Vita in physical condition and the consoles themselves are also becoming kind of hard to find as of 2023 you are still able to find a few PS Vita systems for around 150 to 180 dollars Canadian which is actually pretty cheap. Considering you can just mod the system and emulate them to play whatever you want on top of that the PS Vita has one of the best screens on the hand held Market with a beautiful OLED display making it a great way to play games.

if you haven’t already purchased a PS Vita now is a great time to NAB one but there is one very important thing you should purchase with it and that’s an sd2 Vita adapter.

best ps vita games
Credit – SONY


What is Vita adapter ?

SD2 Vita adapter for those that don’t know the PS Vita has its own memory card which is stupidly expensive for how much storage you actually get so I highly recommend you grab one of these adapters for around 5 dollars online as it makes storing all your games much easier and along with that.

How to jailbreak PS Vita ?

Another thing you should do is jailbreak your Vita so you can use custom themes play Homebrew games I have my PS Vita jailbroken running henkaku and I use the PKG Store to download all the games I already own physically the reason I do this is because it saves me from having to insert the game cartridges all the time and carry them around physically if you have haven’t done this already I highly recommend you do what makes this system so great is just the level of customization you can do with it there is so much content for the system.

best ps vita games
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Play PS Vita Games Watch Movies.

If you are wanting to emulate play PS Vita games watch movies or just use the console as a screen saver you can do all of that and for free oh and if you’re wanting to get a special edition system from Japan you’ll be happy to know that they are not region locked and you can often times get systems.

cheaper overseas although keep in mind there’s still a thing called duties but regardless for anyone on a budget the PS Vita is a great system to own now if you are not on a budget then this system can be a great one to collect for but keep in mind it’s going to cost you as none of these games are probably ever going to drop in price.

What I mean by this is a lot of the limited run titles cost about forty to fifty dollars upwards on the second hand market and even basic Sony release games are still worth a good chunk if you’re wanting to find 5 dollar games like the DS and 3DS has this probably isn’t the system to collect for but if you’re willing to put some cash forward you will get some amazing titles.

best ps vita games
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Some of which only ever got a physical release on the Vita so I’m gonna go over a few titles I would recommend downloading or getting physically on your PS Vita if you ever get the chance now this is going to be mainly Indie titles and games I don’t see many other people chatting about so just keep that in mind okay so the first game I recommend you checking out is risk of rain this game is an excellent rogue like action platformer which has a lot of replay ability you’ll find yourself completing the story with various characters and trying to finish the levels as fast as possible.

Since the difficulty ramps up as time progresses also this game was made by two University students using the game maker engine which is pretty cool alright so next up we have Blood Stained curse of the moon this game is a love letter to the Castlevania series and it had its start as a Kick starter project luckily this one actually delivered on its promise.

Of being a reinvented clone of the NES castle vanias and if you’re worried about the difficulty you don’t have to because the developers implemented a retro difficulty and Casual difficulty which makes it accessible to Casual players this game is definitely worth checking out and on the note of casual games.

best ps vita games
Credit – SONY

The Paddle Box Titles.

The next title I’d recommend is paddle box this game takes on a black and white graphical style and switches up the classical Punch Out gameplay from the NES era on top of that the story line and music are great and the gameplay offers variety by having open-ended sections where you can walk around and explore this is a great title to grab if you have to burn some time and the last and final recommendation for the PS Vita titles is scourge bringer.

This is another fast rogue like platformer that gives you a lot of different ways to move you’ll find yourself getting various different abilities and power-ups each time you play the game along with that you will have randomly generated levels which make the game very replayable.

if you are a fan of games like enter the gunge on in Rogue Legacy this is a must grab so to conclude whether you’re a collector or a Casual Gamer the PS Vita is definitely worth grabbing this system has all your bases covered and right now is a great time to grab some games for it before they become harder to find just the fact that the system is about 12 years old at this point is crazy because the harbor for this thing was ahead of its competition in the coming future peopl e are only going to notice this system more and more.



How to install adrenaline Ps Vita ?


You can run PSP games and homebrew programmes on the PS Vita thanks to the Adrenaline custom firmware. The PS Vita installation process for Adrenaline is detailed below:

1. Verify that your PS Vita is running firmware 3.60 or an earlier version. You must first apply a firmware downgrade procedure if it is running a higher firmware version.

2. Installer for Adrenaline may be downloaded from a reliable site. You may find it on well-known GitHub or Wololo.net homebrew portals for the PS Vita.

3. The Adrenaline installation should be extracted to a folder on your PC.

4. Use a USB cord to connect your PS Vita to your computer, then turn on USB transfer mode.

5. On your PS Vita memory card, copy the Adrenaline installer to the “PSVITA” folder.

6. Turn off your PS Vita’s computer connection before starting the “MolecularShell” software.

7. Open MolecularShell & go to the “ux0:/pspemu/PSP/GAME/” folder.

8. To set up the Adrenaline installer, find it and click the “X” button.

9. To finish the installation procedure, adhere to the on-screen directions.

10. Adrenaline may be started by going to the “Games” area of your PS Vita home screen and selecting “Adrenaline” when the installation is finished.

Please be aware that updating your PS Vita with modified firmware might be dangerous and may void your warranty. Before moving on, be sure you are aware of the hazards.



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