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Ubisoft’s upcoming a massive game the Avatar frontiers of Pandora which is the open world game that is set in the fantasy Universe of James Cameron’s Avatar movie you guys should probably know that there is this guy named The Script on Twitter.

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora Leaked?

Who has been leaking a bunch of gameplay screenshots he’s also been giving us more information where he now claims that he has a full-on gameplay for Avatar frontiers of Pandora which is going to be revealed by Ubisoft in the coming June Press Conference during the Ubisoft forward and that’s when we’re going to be getting an official gameplay but before that it seems like script has now made an announcement where he stated that he will very soon be leaking the official gameplay for Avatar frontiers of Pandora.

Now before that he has also given us some more information where it seems like we now finally get to know what kind of a game Avatar Frontier of Pandora is going to be now from the Tweet here he says that the game will now have a both multi-player online system system as well as a co-op element which will allow players to place single player story mode game along with their friends and we don’t exactly have the numbers as to how many players will be able to play as Co-op and how the multiplayer game is going to be nor do we know if this is going to be an open world multiplayer or some kind of a player versus player game mode or something like that.

We don’t really have an exact information but as far as what I would personally expect Ubisoft to do in terms of multiplayer I would honestly love to see a first person shooter avatar game that is set in a full on open world multiplayer Universe where you could do basically anything or maybe they could just give us an option where you could play in third person mode if not in the story mode because Ubisoft has already concluded that the story mode is going to be made into first person mode because the game is going to be focusing in full-on immersion now when it comes to multiplayer mode maybe they could give us a third person perspective and there is some very.strong reason as to why Ubisoft would do that because is the next information that we have here which is also leaked by scripto where he has now stated that Avatar frontiers of Pandora is reportedly going to have a season pass currency packs where the game is now going to have a season pass welcome pass as well as currency packs but since the game is going to have some kind of a season pass it seems like Ubisoft is planning on creating an online multiplayer World which is going to last or a very long time especially when you see battle passes being released.

the only games that I’ve seen so far is pretty much going to be first person shooter huge multiplayer AAA games or either it is a battle royal game which is going to stand in and survive for a very long time but apart from that the.only game that so far I have seen in terms of battle pass has only been a Red Dead Redemption Online Rockstar Games basically created this battle pass ever since all the Battle Royal series went viral and now it seems like they’re going to be following the same route with avatar game this could also mean that the game is going to consist at lot of micro transactions and there’s going to be a lot of cosmetics and we will also get to purchase a lot of items from the Helix stores or maybe they’re going to call it something else maybe a Pandora coins or something like that for the avatar game.

but dudes listen it seems like we’re going to be getting a multiplayer and since we also have microtransactions this could basically mean that we’re also going to be getting a third person perspective because especially when it comes to multiplayer players would obviously love to spend their money on skins and cosmetic items only if they get to see their own players now if it’s a first person game obviously no one’s gonna go ahead and buy too many skins or waste their money on those cosmetic items because half the time you don’t even know what kind of outfit your character is wearing if you’re playing on the first person perspective so I think that Ubisoft is going to make some smart decisions here and for those of you guys who have been looking forward to a third person mode.

I honestly think that this could be it if it all Ubisoft wants to give us what we players have been asking for which is the third person mode let me know comments what do you guys think about this game being a full-on multiplayer as well as the game enabling a co-op story mode gameplay feature do you guys like it or not or do you guys think that it should be only story mode and not a multiplayer mode because that could of course take away a lot of immersive experience for most of the players because some players I think they just prefer to play the game alone as a single player rather than having a co-op or things like that because usually you know when it comes to co-op games the developers always tend to design each and every missions and story lines that q1is more compatible to where it’s playing as a co-op version rather than the game actually having some kind of immersive story mode experience so that is one thing I really don’t like when it comes to co-op game but apart from that it’s actually fun when you’re playing games with your friends but yeah let me know down below the comments what are your thoughts what are your takes on this whole information that we just received and also script here says that he will very soon be revealing the official gameplay for Avatar frontiers of Pandora now this is going to be a huge leak if he does it he is of course going to get.banned because Ubisoft is not going to take this very lightly but yeah only time will tell because we will get to know what happens or what kind of leak goes on all the information I will keep you guys posted updated right here on this website about every single information leagues gameplays trailers all the stuff that you guys need about all the upcoming open World Games.

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