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Counter Strike Source 2 – it seems people everywhere have been talking about the release of Counter Strike Source 2 Beta source of 2 and the possible updates it might bring but most of the expectations being set out are quite frankly pretty unrealistic and if it’s not already obvious The Counter-Strike Source 2 hype is being mainly done for views.

most of the websites and youtuber making videos right now are just guessing and some are just click baiting but with the Counter-Strike Source 2 Beta supposedly being right around the corner and releasing any day now I thought it would be a good idea to discuss the realities of what source 2 is going to change and to Tamper expectations a bit so let’s get into it.

alright so the first thing I feel that needs to be addressed regarding Source 2 is this rumor going around how certain CS go Skins are going to become animated now if you didn’t hear about this and just glance at the op lightning strike you’d probably be wondering why it’s raised about 100 USD in the past month.

Counter-Strike Source 2

well you can thank Twitter and speculators for that a lot of people seem to be convinced that Source 2 will have animated skins which is actually not too crazy what’s crazy is that people think the op lightning strike will become animated I really don’t think this is going to happen and you’re you’re probably wondering why well for starters the op lightning strike was the first op skin to enter the game and while it shows the skin texture itself is using an old stretched out image that is maybe 240p at best so it looks kind of bad in game and for people to think that valve is going to redo the entire skin upscale it and then animate it it’s just very unlikely when they could just create brand new skins with their own.

custom design animations so who knows they could end up just creating an entirely new lightning themed op that’s animated okay moving away from Skins the second thing to address is the anti-cheat valve has fallen under a lot of scrutiny in recent years regarding their anti-cheat for those that don’t know it’s not hard to circumvent the VAC anti-cheat as many cheating softwares
have different ways of circumventing detection I recall a prominent way people were using it to get around back was by having a cheap payload on their USB and then injecting that USB after he game had boot up to skip over the back detection but regardless many people are speculating that back will be upgrading to prevent cheating and many think that valve may take a note out of rides book by using Vanguard now for those who don’t know I’m very opposed to balance anti-cheat Vanguard because of the security and privacy threat it poses but I do believe that Vel will most likely go to the route of upgrading their anti-cheat but they may look towards other cheat detection softwares like Ricochet which is used by Call of Duty regardless the change in back shouldn’t be an issue for most as long as you aren’t cheating the Third change that people are rumoring is servers.

being moved up to 128 tick in a matchmaking fix as Jesus’s video already went over this I’m not going to go into depth about it but just know that this change will not be a part of source 2 and it should come in its own update so as.

Counter-Strike Global offenses back?

many YouTubers and people have been saying Source 2 is an update that changes Counter-Strike Global offenses back end the game isn’t going to walk out with 4K graphics and brand new mechanics but rather smooth out the bugs and the developing obstacles that have made the game extremely difficult to create content for in the past as someone who’s been playing CS go since 2014 everyone really excited for this update.

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