WATCH THE SUPER MARIO BROS. MOVIE | THE Super Mario Bros Download 720p, 1080p, 2160p – Movie Review

WATCH THE SUPER MARIO BROS. MOVIE | THE Super Mario Bros Download 720p, 1080p, 2160p – Movie Review

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The Super Mario Bros. Trailer


Who directed The Super Mario Bros. Movie?

Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic.

THE Super Mario Bros
(Image credit: Universal Pictures)


The Mario movie has been one of the greatest cinematic roller coasters from reveal to release in recent memory when this thing was first announced as an illumination project we all collectively lost our in a bad way well there goes any chances of this being good pack it.

Up let’s go home and then came the casting announcement I think we all remember exactly where we were on that day you don’t just forget what you were doing when Seth Rogen Donkey Kong comes into the world then the trailers came out and uh hey wait a minute this looks kind of good actually wait maybe this is gonna be Peak fiction at least by illumination standards which is to say it’ll be okay then the reviews came out and oh no I mean I’m all for respecting other people’s opinions I I really didn’t care that critics didn’t like a movie I hadn’t even seen yet but some of these reactions were more than a little unhinged shocking misfire for illumination the only bad movie they’ve ever made as someone who is forced to endure hop that statement genuinely feels like a punch to the face I’m not gonna say who this critic was but her name rhymes with race cyst piece of who blatantly lies about movies and their Productions to the point where James Gunn has called her out by name for being a spounding grifter however bizarre takes like this were the minority there were a ton of other critics who just didn’t gel with the movie and after watching it yeah I can totally understand why the movie throws a lot at you and barely explains any of it here’s a mushroom it makes you big don’t worry about it here’s a sentient race to monkeys they exist don’t worry about it they make go-karts with anti-gravity capabilities sure why not Mario’s a cat now for some reason.

THE Super Mario Bros
(Image credit: Universal Pictures)


I’ll okay big eel Ice Flower Bomb dude with a pringle stash intense sex scene with Bowser and Luigi the movie throws so damn much at you that it’s hard not to be a little.

Overwhelmed if you’re not a Mario Super Fan like is any of this universe cohesive if you’ve never played any of these games fortunately however this is where my encyclopedic knowledge of this silly ass franchise comes in handy I’ve replayed Mario Galaxy more times than the number of years you’ve been alive I wrote this entire review on my phone in between my turns during a round of Mario Party 6.

THE Super Mario Bros
(Image credit: Universal Pictures)

And that game has Koopa Kid yeah that’s right I’m aware of the existence of Koopa Kid I know my when it comes to Super Plumbing boy so whereas a Critic with normal brain would ask why is he a cat now when was that.

Established someone with my signature brand of brain rot can be like oh I know Super Mario 3D World 2013 for the Wii U nothing registered is weird to me everything here is straight out of the games plus there’s a ton of cool deep cut references to gawk at and go wow a deep cut reference I really hate to say it but this genuinely doesn’t feel like a movie made for critics or really anyone outside of kids and Hardcore Mario fans and I wouldn’t blame critics for not enjoying the movie I mean I just don’t think it gives them a ton to enjoy the story and characters as presented in this movie don’t exactly do a great job of selling Outsiders on this universe the plot is extremely Bare Bones and the characters barely have any development because the movie’s always rushing to the next action scene there’s a scene with Mario and Donkey Kong that seems like it’ll be a good nice character moment but then it’s over after like 30 seconds because we gotta rush to the next action set piece this movie just desperately needed more character moments everyone’s motivation is there on paper but very few of them feel organically developed with that said did I need strong story and character moments in a Mario movie obviously not the plot is just an excuse for Action set pieces like a kid’s version of Max Fury Road or something the movie may be too fast paced but do you know what the alternative is Meandering where nothing happens which is what illumination usually puts out I was never bored during this movie which is the best possible feeling you can get coming out of one of this terrible Studios films and to the movie’s credit the action set pieces it races between are

THE Super Mario Bros
(Image credit: Universal Pictures)

Good they’re a ton of fun and well directed and I had a good time watching them the music is great at least the instrumental score with all the Mario motifs I don’t need to tell you that all the licensed music editions were really dumb and unfitting like take on me when we’re introduced to the Donkey Kong world who is taking on who in this scenario it’s a city of monkeys just play monkey music what are you doing No Sleep till Brooklyn cause cause they’re in Brooklyn no no see that one that that’s a real that that that’s a thinker that one is holding out for right here I don’t even need to finish that stop using this song it peaked in Shrek 2 and no one else is ever gonna live up to its use there also I already matched this song together with Mario five years ago illumination I need my royalties Pronto the performances range from fine to really good crisp rat was serviceable I guess that means we all owe him an apology right no whoever stuffed Mushroom Kingdom.

(Image credit: Universal Pictures)

Here We Come into the trailer deserves him an apology we were just commenting on what we heard and it sounded bad sidebar can we stop getting mad at people for saying trailers look bad we don’t need to wait until a movie or show comes out to judge how an advertisement makes it look don’t judge the whole movie yet sure but we can comment on bad shots or jokes or line deliveries when we see them in a trailer but yeah any who Christopher was fine Anya was fine Keegan Michael Key was fine I like Seth Rogen as DK but he wasn’t really in it very much Fred.


(Image credit: Universal Pictures)


armiston is cranky was actually the weakest link he didn’t really sound old or crotchety at all and was just kind of lame they should have gotten James Hong or something we need Mr ping up in this anyway unsurprisingly Charlie Day and Jack Black were the best ones not only did they have the best deliveries but also the funniest jokes most of the jokes in this movie are generic not funny but not actively unfunny or annoying which Again by illumination standards you don’t understand how much of a godsend that is but there were some actual laughs that came out of Luigi and Bowser who tragically only have like one scene together the aforementioned graphic sex scene which is great don’t get me wrong but the trailers definitely lead you to believe they’re a more recurring Duo than they actually are matter of fact Luigi gets Sidelines hard which really sucks for one of the best characters in the whole movie and the Mario Universe in general Jack Black Bowser gets

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 plenty of time to shine in the film especially in his musical moments but he isn’t really much of an active threat Until the End don’t get me wrong Bowser is coming and all that he’s still an obvious threat he just doesn’t interact with the heroes at all until the last act so you don’t really get a lot of fun or threatening moments where the villain plays off of the hero I don’t even think Mario and Bowser meet until the very end which is kind of weird I liked the random pointless nihilistic Luma I liked when the DK rap I didn’t like when they forgot to credit Grant kirkhope in the credits I liked when Peach just bought everyone towards the end and then she killed King but Bob no that was like the most emotional I got in the whole movie it’s not a very emotion driven film you know it’s just kind of a nice film to vibe to and enjoy seeing all this Mario on screen and quick succession with all of it flowing surprisingly well it’s not a great film or anything the script is very basic and the characters aren’t Stellar but like I had a good time with it I don’t know it might just be my dumb Nintendo Fanboy brain rot talking but it was just kind of fun from start to finish and that’s all some movies need to be you know it’s not a Lego movie or a Puss in Boots but we don’t need to hold every kid’s movie to that high of a standard I know it sounds like I’m making excuses to justify enjoying this movie but honestly I think it’s fine to enjoy movies that are fun and nothing else.

illumination hasn’t made a movie with something to say since like The Lorax and they haven’t made a movie with something to say that’s actually good since Despicable Me won and I haven’t enjoyed most of their subsequent films because not only are they devoid of substance but they’re also boring unfunny annoying baby the Mario movie also has nothing to say but but for the first time I’m okay with that because it’s just a fun engaging Thrill Ride from start to finish and the background references don’t hurt either they feel like they came from a place of Love rather than cynicism this whole movie does it really comes across like it was made by actual Mario fans which these guys apparently are and I think their passion really shines through I don’t know man I’m not gonna lie and say that I didn’t have a super fun time watching this dare I say it’s a pretty good movie I would watch it again I can’t imagine furiously hating it or obsessively loving it but I really don’t mind if anyone reacts to it in either of those ways just don’t call it the only bad movie illuminations ever made like that’s just willfully stupid I’d call it their second best film after Despicable Me 1. that one at least has good emotional moments and Vector but this one isn’t far behind uh seven out of ten okay why not it’s on the lower end as far as 7 out of tens go for sure and I can totally understand your score spewing lower if you don’t give a about Mario but yeah for my perspective active it’s pretty solid I don’t know just do me a favor guys stop harassing people for not liking it maybe you’ll listen to me when I tell you that now that I said I liked the movie but seriously who cares if other people disagree with you about a Mario movie for children get a life and my review is not proof that the movie is good if you’re excited that I liked the movie because you think only now your opinion has been validated I am begging you to take a long look in the mirror and ask yourself why you need some Rando on the internet to validate your thoughts on a Mario movie for children grow up enjoy the movie or don’t it does not matter what anyone else thinks this has just been such an exhausting weekend and I would like everyone obsessed with white knighting a movie they hadn’t even seen yet to just shut the up please the only thing we should all agree on is that this was obviously a better movie than hop like come on otherwise like it or don’t it doesn’t matter good night Mushroom Kingdom see you for the owl horse or whatever’s up next I’m don’t even know.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie Release Date 

The Super Mario Bros movie will release on a variety of April and May dates in territories in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe, with the Japanese release set for April 28 to coincide with the Golden Week Holiday period

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is now in theaters. After several release date changes, the film finally settled on an April 5, 2023.


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