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15 Best New Awesome Games To Play Spring 2023 – Upcoming Xbox and PC Game.

Hello everyone it’s Gametoworld and here are 15 awesome upcoming games to play in Spring 2023. all of these will be launching during the next few months and I’ve tried to compile a list of games I think look great or ones I’m genuinely excited to play as always I will keep spoilers to a minimum but if you’ve got a PS4 PS5 Xbox series console PC or switch there should be a few games in here that you’ll hopefully want to check out now these will be shown in the order that they are released but I’ll give you a tip my favorites are towards the end of this article so hold out if you want to see those so first up is the long-awaited.

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1.Resident Evil 4 remake

Resident Evil 4 remake now this game originally launched back in 2005 but it’s since been remade to include enhanced visuals improved gameplay and even new side quests you play as Leon S Kennedy from a third person perspective on a mission to rescue the president’s daughter you face threats and hordes of enemies as you progress through the village Capcom have said the overall story and Narrative of the game is very similar to the original so we’re not losing anything there but the improved combat menus and crafting gives the game a fresh take with enough changes to make it feel new plus if you’re like me I’ve not replayed re4 for about 10 years so I’m looking forward to playing this at night with the lights off Resident Evil 4 Launches on March the 24th on PS5 Xbox series S and S as well as PC so.

2.Last Of Us

if you’ve owned a PS3 PS4 or PS5 you’ve probably at some point played The Last of Us it launched in 2013 on the PS3 but we’ve seen a few re-releases since then including the Remake on the PS5 in 2022 well the good news is like with a lot of the PlayStation exclusives The Last of Us Part One will be soon available on PC this remake brings us enhanced gameplay combat and visuals and it’s enough to make it feel like a new game you play as Joel in a post-apocalyptic World whose mission is to escort Ellie a teenage girl across the USA if you’ve recently been watching the TV series you’ll have a good understanding of the main story but the game is definitely still worth playing as it covers the storylines in a slightly different way you come up against different enemies include infected and humans as well as allies along the way so whether you’ve played this on the PlayStation already it launches on March the 28th on PC.

3.MLB the Show 23

so if you’re a baseball fan you won’t be surprised at MLB the Show 23 launches this month after all it’s our 18th entry into the series you get to play as your favorite team players and Rivals as you progress through the season you can play single player four-player local or up to eight players online and what’s more is there’s a brand new storylines mode which is being released with MLB the Show 23 and then we’ll see season 2 launching next year and even though this game is published by Sony interactive it will be coming to Xbox as well as Game Pass so MLB the Show 23 Launches on March the 28th and it’s coming to Playstation Xbox and switch.

4.Road 96 Mile Zero

Next one you would expect me to show yet here we are so this is Road 96 mile zero it’s a narrative Adventure game where you play as two characters Zoe and kaito as you journey through levels choosing different dialogues there are many games too which have a nostalgic Crazy Taxi and Tony Hawk survive with the music choices now this game is a pre-quarter the first one that was called Road 96 and that launched in 2016. and I think it’s one of those games it’s fun and easy and breaks away from the normal releases that we see now I do appreciate that this is not going to be for everyone but I would say if you like games like life is strange where they are narrative driven games this might be a fun one to pick up well Road 96 mile zero Launches on April the 4th and it’s coming to Playstation Xbox switch and PC.

5.Creed Rise To Glory

okay so if you recently picked up a psvr 2 for the PlayStation 5 you’ll be pleased to hear that we’re getting an updated version of creed rise to glory on here as well this is called the championship Edition and you play through various training minigames a career mode as well as an online versus mode there’s not much to it in terms of the story but if you’re looking for a boxing game that gets you up and sweating this is going to be a lot of fun and a very active game to play so Creed rise to Glory Launches on April the 4th on psvr too I feel there’s a bit of a trend in today’s video there’s a lot of remakes and remasters of older games.

6.Sherlock Holmes

next up we’ve got Sherlock Holmes The awakened this game originally released in 2007 a new players homes alongside your Sidekick Watson this is a full remake with a Rewritten script and story lines as well as improved gameplay and visuals just like before you are tasked with investigating a series of disappearances in Europe and the US you then take your findings back to your flat in London to try and work out what is going on so Sherlock Holmes The awakened Launches on April the 11th on Playstation Xbox switch and PC.

7.Horizon forbidden West

Horizon forbidden West is one of the best games that we’ve seen released on the PlayStation 5. so it’s awesome to see a new DLC coming soon burning Shores is an expansion that brings alloy to a volcanic area formed from the ruins of La this follows on directly from forbidden West so you will need to have installed and played this game to make sense of this DLC and from the gameplay and trailers that we’ve seen already burning Shores looks absolutely stunning if the full game is anything to go by this is going to be a great addition to the story so Horizon forbidden West Burning Shores Launches on April the 19th and this will be exclusive to the PlayStation 5.

8.Dead Island 2

right now this is definitely one of the top games I’m hyped to play over The Coming months Dead Island 2 follows on from the 2011 release of Dead Island and this is an action role-playing Survival game now I’m a huge sucker for zombie games and this looks like it’s going to be awesome and a lot of fun it Blends the perfect balance of horror dark humor and over-the-top slaying we also get to team up with up to two others in a three-player co-op mode and fight our way across La while slicing smashing and burning everything that we see if you enjoy games like Dead Rising left for dead or Dying Light this is going to be a must buy next month so Dead Island 2 Launches on April the 21st on Playstation Xbox and PC.

9.Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

so one of the most anticipated games for 2023 is definitely Star Wars Jedi Survivor you once again play as Cal in a third person view and the story picks up five years after Fallen order without giving too much away in case you’ve not played the previous game Carol needed to make a choice on whether to protect or put the four sensitive Children at Risk and that decision leads us directly on the story of Survivor as cam was uphold his battle as a Galaxy descends further into darkness now although you don’t need to have played the previous game it wouldn’t hurt to have played full in order to get up to speed with the main character from the trailers and the gameplay that we’ve seen so far including these cinematic combat fighting styles and visuals this looks like it’s going to be a great game there’s plenty of exploration puzzle solving and collectibles so Star Wars Jedi Survivor Launches on April the 28th and that’s coming to the PS5 Xbox series X and S as well as PC.

10. Redfall

next up is redfall which could be one of the biggest Xbox series X Games of the Year this is a brand new open world Co-op game where you take on the task of fighting against vampires and human enemies through the darkness of a town called redfall it features both single player and Co-op modes where you can choose between four main playable characters each of these features different abilities skill sets and loadouts now Red Fort is an FPS game and it’s made by the same team who brought us prey and Dishonored so if you were a fan of those you’ll likely want to jump on this brand new game as well Red Fall is set to launch on May the 2nd and will only be available on the Xbox series X, Xbox series s and PC.

11. Zelda tears of the kingdom

The Legend of Zelda tears of the kingdom is going to be one off if not the biggest game for Nintendo in 2023 following on from its predecessor in 2017 breath of the wild you play as Link in this open world game as you travel across Hyrule now not much has been shared about the story or the plot of this game so there’s not much to really say about it today but from the trailers it appears a lot darker than breath of the wild either way this is going to be an awesome new game to play so the Legend of Zelda tears of the Kingdom Launches on May the 12th and there’s no surprise that it’s only available on the Nintendo switch.

12.Atlas Fallen

next up is atlas Fallen which is a huge open world RPG set in the dystopian ruins of Atlas you play as your own custom-made character as you combat and navigate your way across the desert and fast lands of sand this will be an action-packed game with various regions to explore there’s a momentum system which allows you to essentially power up your weapons and the ability to upgrade your gear and not only is this a single player game there’s also the option to join up with your friends via the online co-op mode so you can play through the Timeless sand filled land with your trusted companions Atlas Fallen Launches on May the 16th on PS5 Xbox series X and S and PC.

13.Suicide Squad kill the Justice League

now if you’re a DC fan and you’ve played the Arkham series you might like the look of Suicide Squad kill the Justice League you play as the various members of The Suicide Squad including Harley Quinn Captain Boomerang and king shark as you try to reclaim and rescue the world which is being controlled by Brainiac it’s your job to either go at it alone via single player or team up with up to three of your friends via the four player co-op and as you would expect each character has their own fronts and abilities that you’ll draw on during combat this looks like it’ll be a lot of fun and when you factor in the different characters storylines and being able to team up with your mates I’m hoping this will be one that does really well this year so Suicide Squad kill the Justice League Launches on May the 26th and it’s coming to PlayStation 5 Xbox series X on S and PC.

14.Diablo IV

now if you’re a fan of Diablo you won’t be surprised to see Diablo 4 in the list of best upcoming games to play so taking place 30 years after D3 this arpg is a vast open world game set in the medieval apocalypse blizzard have said that this world will be bigger than ever with regions being up to 20 times larger than before your progress through the world upgrade in your weapons are ranking up your level the story also is not going to be linear so you could jump between missions and quests and areas as you would like and what’s great is you will encounter other players as you travel around which are scattered around the different towns and settlements now this game doesn’t come out for a few months but last weekend there was a closed beta and this weekend there’s another open Beta available to play so if you want to jump on and give it a go now is definitely the time to do it and Diablo 4 Launches on June the 6th and it’s coming to Playstation Xbox and PC.

15.Crash team Rumble

I can say it now this game is going to be huge and last but not least is the upcoming multiplayer game Crash team Rumble this is an online battle arena game where you team up in a 4v4 with your mates or random players as you collect as many fruits as possible to win the game although this game launches in June if you pre-order it now you get access to a closed beta on April the 20th until the 24th this is definitely going to be one of those fun games to play with your friends or family and crash team Rumble Launches on June the 20th on PlayStation and Xbox and it comes with full cross-play support – 15 Best New Awesome Games To Play Spring 2023.

Conclusion –

so that was a quick look at some of the best upcoming games 15 Best New Awesome Games To Play Spring 2023 that we’re going to see in Spring 2023. I’m looking forward to Dead Island 2 Diablo 4 and Resident Evil 4. but what about you is there a game in this list or a game that I’ve missed that you’re really hyped for if so drop a blue heart along with a game that you’re most looking for to playing in the comments.

15 Best New Awesome Games To Play Spring 2023

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