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How To Play Reboot Royale OG Fortnite Map –

Hello what up guys welcome back to another Post and finally I can actually write this article and I’ve actually been waiting for so many hours to actually write this article also make sure you guys to leave a like on the article and In the fortnite item shop if you guys do want to play the OG map right now I’m going to be sharing you guys with the map code so make sure you guys use code xpx and the Ford item shop hashtag ad because if you guys didn’t know uh the OG map in fortnite Creative 2.0 is finally finished and it’s finally un acceptable so pretty much you guys probably know about a reboot Royale.


which is actually the more accurate version of the OG fortnite map and fortnite creative now obviously we have the atlas map which has just received update number three and honestly it’s kind of mid like the floor loot it’s just not really accurate it’s just pretty like not the best map honestly to recreate OG fortnite but obviously we have reboot Royale which is actually now im so as you guys can see this tweet right here on Twitter it says they finally got the memory under a hundred (100000) thousand.

Which is required if you guys if the map has to be like if they want to publish a map they have to get the memory under 100 000 and they finally actually did it so we’re gonna be seeing the OG map like really really soon within a few minutes or hours pretty much and it’s gonna be a much more accurate version of the OG fortnite map with accurate graphics and and like 100 players instead of 50 and it’s going to be a lot better.


How To Play Reboot Royale OG Fortnite Map Code –

Updated 02-05-2023 100% Working code reboot royale code



If you want to play before all bugs fixed you


Can try with this code.


Warning –


Sometimes codes working but sometimes it’s Doesn’t working so you can try if you want play Smoothly wait for some hour cheak official website Fortnite

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