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God of War Ragnarök New Game Plus

Alright guys it’s finally time New Game PlusGod of War Ragnarök New Game plus mode for God of War Ragnarok is finally here and not only that but this is also the biggest update to date it adds tons of new armors a new level cap lots of new enchantments and cool new things so let’s check that in this article now as soon as you log into new game and assuming that you’ve already finished the main story you’re going to notice that the option to play New Game Plus is immediately there and this lets you convert your latest save or any other save you want to into a new game plus mode carrying over all of your upgrades weapons and everything. 

Black Bear Armor.

Black bear armor so no longer will you lose this to Freya in the starting stages instead it’s an armor set that actually is equippable and not only that also fully upgradable for me it started at level 7 and you can push it all the way to level 10 that we’re gonna talk about in just a little bit meanwhile the stats on the armor are pretty good it drops with strength defense and cooldown which is about exactly what you need this early on if you don’t know exactly .

Zeus Armor.

Zeus armor with new visuals and perks so the Aries armor rewards the lucky with a chance to drop a half Stone on hit when you stun the hellstone you also get a rage gain alongside a bigger explosion meanwhile the Zeus armor this will enable the ultimate risk and reward play style kind of like it did back in 2018 greatly increasing your melee and runic damage while also increasing incoming damage a single hit could be enough to take even Kratos down with his use armor equipped so you will need to be mindful where your enemies are while you prepare to deal out punishment with the raw power of this armor in the case of the Aries armor this can be acquired from sindri’s shop though probably a bit later because currently I cannot seem to be able to find it early on meanwhile the Zeus armor can be acquired by defeating gunah the valkyrie Queen and completing certain remnants of Asgard on New Game Plus save so basically kind of like in a combination of 2018 and some of the new objectives in God of War Ragnarok moving on to the shields.

Spartan Aspace.

The Spartan aspace also returns to Ragnarok this is similar to The Trusted Guardian Shield but it has a significantly tighter paring window while more challenging to time successful parries yield a much more damaging reward this can also be acquired by the way from singri shop by just using hack silver there’s many other changes in New Game Plus and cool new additions that totally make new game plus worth it for example defeating the Berserker Souls on your game plus will also reward you with the new enchantments to equip while not as flashy as some of the perk enchantments these will give you big boost to select stats so you can lean into whatever build you like best even more there’s also new progression for New Game Plus including upgrading to existing skill mods with XP to further enhance the effects of your favorite mods also Platinum tier labors these carry over any progress from your kill laborers or Reddit tests and continue to unlock a new Platinum tier of rewards .

Spartan Armor.

Basically the Spartan armor or well in this case the way it’s called is the sorrow of Sparta but it’s just Kratos kind of naked and lacking his chains on the arms it doesn’t seem to provide any type of buff or Stat nor is it upgradable once you profit so it’s more for those who really want a big Challenge and I would assume somebody is eventually going to like just finish give me God of War or with this armor right here that or you can also transmog it on your existing gear if you want that like naked Kratos kind of look but there’s two more armor sets that are coming back from God of War 2018 one of them is the Aries armor returning from 2018 a new game plus as well as the

Armor Appearances.

For those of you looking to keep things fresh, we’ve also remixed 13 of our existing armors with new color combinations and styles that were previously unavailable.
These appearances can be bought at Huldra Brothers’ Shop and applied to any of your existing Level 9+ armor in the transmog menu. The new Berserker Armor appearance can be acquired after defeating the Berserker King .


Shadow Step.

What build you’re going with in a new game plus regardless its bonus effects are actually quite interesting so one of them is called the shadow step and this increases immunity duration while evading unless second evades also fire a volley of bifrost shards and the Enemy by the way it looks something like this if you dodge the very last moment it’s going to launch about four or five of these by far shards that launch into the enemy debuffs them with bifrost so this means you can do some nice nukes over there really quickly you can by the way just combine this with mimir’s head if you unlock that before New Game Plus you kind of go with full on by Frost fact it’s amazing a great damage dealer and yes it also totally works against the Thor fight as far as the other effect you also get the shadow strike.

which is actually pretty good so Kratos first melee attack immediately after evading does about 40 percent increase damage to the enemy so if your dodging is on point not only do you get those by Frost effects but it also deals that nice damage and speaking of the bifrost it kind of reminds me of the same effect you get after fighting the valkyrie towards the end section of the game but nonetheless pretty awesome and this is just the beginning by the way because there’s one other thing that we’re also getting in New Game Plus and yes that is upgrades to level 10 well actually it’s level nine one star two star three star and then it’s level 10 so in total that is about 4 new upgrades and speaking of those chances are that you’re gonna be able to do almost all of them with the exception of the 10th one which requires some of these new well crafting materials l.

in the case of some of the weapon components these require Celestial fossils which in this case only needs one so I’m assuming this drop from maybe some enemies or some important story bosses weapons on the other hand will require Primal flame so this is something that will be needed for every single level after level 9 including one two three star and then finally level 10 so that would be about 12 in total which I believe should drop from the main bosses but it remains to be seen as we progress through it last but not least we also have the armors which equally can also exceed level 9 and reach all the way to 10. no none of the additional levels will change the Aesthetics of these armors as level one to nine did previously but instead Level 10 the final one will require a brand new component which is the mountain route it seems that every single armor set will need this for the final 10th upgrade so probably something that ads also can be found in special places.

this is still not where it all ends there’s one more way to upgrade our characters even further and that’s through the new enchantment specific to New Game Plus that you can find in the special item section at sindri so there’s about half or more than a dozen of these in the enchantment section and all of them provide all kinds of Buffs and effects some of them familiar from some of the previous enchantments that we had or previous armor sets so you can basically create these either with hex silver or with the newly added gilded coins from New Game Plus and essentially they can be as strong as you want them to be and then you can replace them on the Relic section instead of the old enchantments that you had from the base version of the game now some of these also provide negative effects like for example there’s one that gives you like a frost debuff if you double roll Dodge with a circle there’s many more specific to the new update and the new game plus but these are just a few examples and once you have crafted these you can go ahead and like just apply them to the regular enchantment slots in your Relic by the way converting equipment also yields these gilded coins that you need so that’s pretty much as easy as just leveling it to level nine and one star which is going to guarantee give you one gilded coin for each time or each piece that you upgrade via that way but there’s other ways to acquire these in the game to be able to craft all of those enchantments .

moving on though Sony Santa Monica just fixed one of the biggest gripes players had with God of War ragnarok’s customization which was the lack of cool abundant skins for cradles well actually they just fixed that with a new update as now if you head over into the armor section at syndry you’re going to notice a ton of new awesome looking and unique armor skins basically these are reskins of existing armors or completely new ones but with way more wild color schemes like completely blue ones Dragon looking ones there’s like a purple I don’t know diamond looking armor that looks really awesome and plenty more existing ones but with frost or with toxic effects applied on them and you can simply buy these with hack silver they barely cost anything especially if you already farmed a lot of that before New Game Plus so you can just go ahead and buy them outright as soon as you reach the tree of life it’s like super easy to do so it doesn’t stop here there’s also a set of new armors as you were used to to the new game plus from God of War 2018.

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