Become a Jedi Master with Our Guide to the Best Perks and Perk Locations in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor"

Credit - gamespot

Shatter Perk Location - Located near the Rambler's Reach Outpost fast travel point, the Koboh mini-dungeon houses a crystal within the Rancor's cave. Defeat the Legendary Enemy guarding the crystal to gain access to it.

Fortification Perk Location - Koboh (Forest Array) - As you're making your way through the Forest Array, you'll have to take a side path to avoid the gunner. There's a narrow passageway that you can squeeze through, which takes you to a small area with a BD-1 component. If you cross the gap to the other side, you'll find this crystal.

Resilience Perk Location - Koboh (Chamber of Duality) - This is your reward after clearing your first High Republic Chamber (i.e., Jedi Temple). It's also where you'll meet Zee.

Fellowship Perk Location - Koboh (Chamber of Clarity) - This is your reward for clearing this Jedi Temple in Untamed Downs. You can't miss it as it's near Fort Kah'lin, a Bedlam Raider stronghold.

Dexterity Perk Location - Koboh (Chamber of Reason) - This particular Jedi Temple can be found in the Basalt Rifts. Follow the sloping path uphill and you'll see the entrance just before you fight a Mogu (i.e., Forest Wampa).

Precision Perk Location - Koboh (Stone Spires) - While you're activating the laser conduits using the Koboh Grinder, you'll notice a crystal that's blocked off by gunk. Use the Koboh Grinder to spread the flames toward it.

Marksmanship Perk Location - Koboh (Stone Spires) - After clearing the encounter in the manse (i.e., that building that looks like it's from The Lord of the Rings), head to the top and check the roof.

Centered Perk Location - Shattered Moon - This is your reward after defeating the campaign boss in this zone.

Perplexity Perk Location - Koboh (Mountain Observatory) - This is your reward after defeating the campaign boss in this zone. Ride the elevator after the fight to get this crystal.

Fortitude Perk Location - Koboh (Fogged Expanse) - You can grab this after defeating the Vile Bilemaw Legendary Enemy. Continue along the Fogged Expanse zone until you reach a cliffside area with half a dozen Roller Mines. You'll see a ledge that drops you down to a mudslide, leading to this creature's lair.

Patience Perk Location - Koboh (Chamber of Detachment) - This temple's entrance is in the Mountain Ascent zone. From the fast travel point, go through the two green barriers and check behind the waterfall. The puzzle here requires you to move around two large blocks. The goal is to have one block on the ground plate, which will lift the second block.